I am new and aspiring netizen persona. This website is dedicated to me, Holden Green. I am making more of my life and work available online.

I am a leftist and anarcho communist. ☭ Ⓐ 🅐.

I am currently an intern at Done Waiting. 🌹

I am a member of Sierra Foothills Young Democrats and Central Sierra Foothills DSA. 🐎 🌹

I am drafing an organization: The Green Empower Organization. Go there for more of my and hopefully others' work in the future.

I am exploring different options such as getting more involved with local politics or moving to Vietnam or Africa: exploratory.

Please contact me with business inquiries (business).

Fun fact: I am learning to be holier than thou. Also, I love pretty ladies and sexy music.


I am looking for a paying position, but I am open to being a part time volunteer for suitable organizations. My preference would be a fully remote role, but if you have a physical opening for me in the (Cameron Park, CA) area, that could work too.


I have contributed to the following git repositories (excluding my own) by making succesful pulls and/or discussion threads:

Work in Progress


Here are some of my favorite organizations, which I would love to work with:

Work History

Around the time I turned 16 I went with my dad to his work location in San Francisco. While I was there I socialized with his coworkers. I told them about the lab I was trying to build in my room and about my personal software and hardware projects. They were impressed and ultimately, if a I remember correctly, that ended in the CEO of the company (Grid Net, now Aetheros) Ray offering me an paid internship. I was happy to take it, as it sounded like a wonderful way to fund my lab.

The internship lasted for about 5 months, before I quit. I tend to regret that now, too bad.

These are organizations I have applied to or am interested in applying to:


I am looking for a romantic partner.

Please if you are interested go to partner. Don't get intimidated. I try my best to be a nice person so don't feel insecure. I love everyone and realize that no one is perfect. I am not expecting perfection.




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